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Rydal Penrhos maintains excellent IB results

Rydal Penrhos School maintained its high calibre of International Baccalaureate results this year with a significant number of candidates achieving exceptional results well above the worldwide average of 30 points.

In total, the school has achieved an average score of 34 out of 45 points in the internationally-recognised diploma, with five candidates scoring 40 points or more – the equivalent of over four A* graded A-levels – and a further three pupils gaining 39 points. Cyd Cowley achieved an incredible 44 points, one point from a perfect score, with Chatrin Suksasilp only one point behind with a brilliant 43. Glen Davies achieved 41 points while Julius Seifert and Marla Rinne scored 40 points apiece, an exceptional result for Marla while still only 17 years old (a year below the rest of the candidates). The school was also delighted with the 39 points scored by Hannah Patrick, Lara Roth and Florian Schaetzler.

Both the International Baccalaureate diploma and A-levels have been offered here since 2004, with Sixth formers able to choose which pathway is right for them.

What is the IB?

Introduced in the 1960s, the two-year programme is an increasingly popular option for pupils looking for an academically challenging and balanced programme of education.

Our IB is a truly international course, with pupils from the local area and 25 overseas nationalities studying together.

Why take it?

The IB Diploma is a challenging experience and has been designed for pupils of a wide range of abilities it is certainly not just intended for the academic ‘elite’. However, the breadth of the grading system does allow for the recognition of excellence.

The IB Diploma requires individuals to study a broader range of areas than the current national system, promoting the acquisition of a wider range of skills. Not only does this help prepare a pupil for all sorts of challenges in future life, it also keeps their options open regarding the choice of future educational courses and employment.

The benefits

  • The IB teaches pupils how to think not what to think.
  • Pupils become broad-minded, show initiative and develop organisational skills.
  • It allows pupils to gain entrance to Universities and gain employment not just in this country but all over the world.
  • IB students can be seen as having more to offer than pupils who have followed a narrow range of subjects.
  • We certainly live in a world of change where lifelong employment is no longer the norm, a wide range of skills and flexibility of thought are essential to success.
  • In these ever changing, diverse and uncertain times, pupils are prepared for the “wider world”, able to demonstrate international understanding and responsible citizenship

How do universities view the IB?

  • The UCAS tariff fully recognises the depth and rigour of the IB Diploma and this is reflected in the points allocation.
  • Research shows that Diploma holders are very well prepared to cope with the rigours of higher education.
  • The programme is held in high esteem by universities in the UK and all over the world. A study carried out in October 2003 showed that the vast majority of UK institutions felt that a broad curriculum is desirable. In addition, many felt that the Diploma programme conferred an advantage compared to the national alternatives. The leading UK universities (Russell Group) and medical schools consider the IB highly. They frequently make comparatively favourable offers, even for the most competitive courses (e.g. English, Medicine). The Ivy League North American universities are similarly very favourable to it and often offer specific credit for it.
  • Competition for places at universities has become increasingly fierce. Students are not only judged by their academic performance and potential but must also display a range of other qualities, which are well promoted in the IB Diploma.

To find out more, please contact the Director of Studies, Mrs Sally Harding. Download the IB Curriculum booklet to discover how the Diploma works and the subjects available to pupils, as well as the enrichment opportunities.

Email: SAHarding@rydalpenrhos.com

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