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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Coordinated by the Head of PSHE, Mrs Mary Richardson, and delivered by a combination of a pupil’s tutor and internal and external specialist staff, the PSHE programme is designed to develop pupil awareness and confidence in issues relating to the subject. It is not examined and acts as a complement to pupils’ studies.

PSHE at Key Stages 3 and 4 (Years 7-9 and Years 10-11) helps pupils to lead confident, healthy and responsible lives as individuals and members of society. Through a range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, pupils gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they face as they approach adulthood. PSHE gives pupils opportunities to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing. It helps them to understand and manage responsibly a wider range of relationships as they mature, and to show respect for the diversity of, and differences between, people. It also develops pupils’ well-being and self-esteem, encouraging belief in their ability to succeed and enabling them to take responsibility for their learning and future choice of courses and career.

PSHE continues into the Sixth form, with one period a week, coordinated by the Head of Sixth form. At this stage in a pupil’s education, time is also allocated to careers.

Head of PSHE
Mrs M Richardson BA
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