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The Geography department at Rydal Penrhos School is a popular and cohesive unit, providing a useful insight into the physical and human world around us.

"The aims and influence of the department stretch well beyond the classroom"
The aims and influence of the department stretch well beyond the classroom, involving pupils in a wide variety of practical exercises and fieldwork that take place both at home and abroad. Geography is a subject that encompasses many different disciplines and skills, from map interpretation to statistics and economics, and yes, we encourage our pupils to learn where places are in the world.

All pupils take Geography at Key Stage 3. There are usually two GCSE groups each year. Pupils then have the opportunity to study Geography at AS/A or IB level. Each year, several pupils continue to study Geography or Geology at degree level, with Geology becoming a popular option in recent years.

Why study Geography?

Geography is in the middle of a wide range of subjects, and it fits in well with many other subjects. It is regarded very highly by universities and is valuable for entry to a wide range of courses. Geography graduates from university are much in demand because they are highly employable with a wide range of practical skills and they can take an overview of wide ranging data.

Geography fits extremely well with both science and arts subjects and the range of sensible groupings is wide. Here is a compelling argument for a pupil wanting a science-based career to widen his or her studies by incorporating Geography. We are enthusiastic about the course we run. We are committed to getting you the best result possible and have an enviable record in achieving this.


The department has three classrooms: two with E beams, and access to fully equipped computer rooms that are Internet enabled. These resources are combined with up-to-date textbooks, a well-stocked Learning Resource Centre, and fieldwork equipment for a variety of outdoor collection days. We also have a number of maps from around the world and topographical maps of the local area, which are referenced regularly in lessons.

Head of Department
Mrs S Harding BA, PGCE
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Geography teaching staff
Miss FH Jones BA (London)
Mrs D MacLennan BEd

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